Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Toronto Public Transportation

Today I was driving on the DVP (see previous post on Toronto drivers). While on the DVP the electronic sign on the road read "remember summer road traffic, take public transport". What a joke. The public transport system in Toronto is innefective, underdeveloped and lacking infrastructure.

I've now lived in 3 other major cities, Paris, London and Montreal and all of their transportation system was extremely well developed and so efficient. Although, London's tube closure time of midnight is a bit surprising given its London! But Toronto's 3 subway lines pales in comparison to London's 11+ tube lines.

The potential funding that was to be received by the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) by MPP Dalton McGuinty is close to being withdrawn. This was to be used to build a new and much needed subway line. But it seems this promise is being broken by the Government. In the midst of all this, the TTC has been secretely planning to build a new HQ which would be quite costly. Smithermann, a Toronto mayoral candidate is completely opposed to this, stating that this is not the time where money should be spent on a new HQ. He also is in agreement with the deplorable conditions of the Toronto public transport system stating that since 1964 the infrastructure of the TTC has barely changed.

The point is that you cant drive in Toronto because of traffic and bad drivers and neither can you take the underdeveloped public transportation because of the lack of funding. What is going on with this city..and to think, I've gota be here for the next 3 years!!!

You can click on the following link to someone else's blog showing future fantasy Toronto subway lines!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Toronto Drivers!!!!!

I am totally and utterly disgusted by Toronto drivers. I enjoy driving but driving in this city, its stressful and aggravating. You've got the slow drivers that drive BELOW the speed limit, you've got absent minded drivers that take forever to push the gas pedal when the light turns green and you've got others who brake for no apparent reason.

Not to mention the never ending traffic in the exact same locations throughout the day, the DVP (Don Valley Parkway) also known as the Don Valley Parking lot, the 401 East and other areas. OK granted Toronto didn't make the top 20 list of worst traffic cities in the world cuz it certainly doesn't beat Tokyo, but that's because they don't use 'bad drivers' as a variable but rather the sheer volume of cars or road infrastructure.

Even though I never drove in London they seem like much better drivers and the same goes for Montrealers, quick and efficient. To the Ontario Ministry of Transportation...STOP GIVING AWAY DRIVERS LICENCES LIKE CANDY!!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dj's and their Subculture

The role of the Dj goes further than the mixing and workings of sound equipment to perfection. The role of the Dj is to inspire from within the individual a new vision of the world and of a utopian feeling.

But I wonder where the first Dj movements occured and where the biggest ones are found today. First, if we were to have a general glance at the house and trance dj's we would notice that many of them are from Europe. Was it because of the techno age which has influenced later generations and gave way for them to become dj's of the music they had grown up with? And what about other communities besides the European one, are African Dj's for example heavily influenced by those from Europe or do they reflect their culture and language through their music? And what about American Dj's, are they any good? are they in competition with the Europeans? Who are they influenced by?

Leaving that aside, it remains to be said that the dj movement has been subculture for many decades, guiding along the people that gave an ear to their art. In this art, racial lines do not exist, only talent and culture. However, it was/is necessary to ask the questions I've raised above so that we can better understand this culture. Lets not forget that more and more, Dj's include very different sounds from all over the world creating a very organic and syncretic product. This is a fascinating time to be listening to this music.

This was Clutch

The very definition of the word clutch implies that moment when you drive your car and where you expect the clutch to work and when it does you think 'perfect'. It thereafter becomes an everyday routine and you dont think about the clutch when you change your gears because you expect it to change accordingly. It is thus the perfect moment that is re-lived through your experience that when you say the word clutch with such meaning in other situations it describes exactly how youre feeling. Therefore the use of the word clutch in lay english can be used as acurate description of the persons emotional state. The reason for this is that the very essence and function of the clutch is to precisely and with flexibility aid in changing gears without any problems. If it fails do so, it fails to be called a clutch. Thereby relegating it to a negative terminology. However, when the person uses the word clutch in common usage it is always used in a positive sense. It can only mean therefore, that it is the perfect metaphor to use to describe ones current positive emotional state, this was clutch.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Question: Can a blue collar type worker be an academic?

Hey everyone,

I'm hoping to generate some discussion although I think it might be too early for that as my readership hasn't really grown yet.

I am asking the question "can a blue collar type worker also be an academic?"

Of course I expect everyones first answer to be yes he/she can be an academic as well, but what i'm asking is, are they being developed that way today? Its not only about skill development but its also about getting a theoretical knowledge base of mechanics in general and not necessarily pertinent to their specific trade such as fixing a car. and they dont seem to be getting that unfortunately.

Secondly, is a mechanic (blue collar worker) a mechanic by choice? or is it a job that makes ends meet?

So with that in mind what do you think? Can a blue collar type worker also be an academic?

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Knowledge or Ignorance?

"Today it is common practice to manipulate several documents at the same time while sourcing information on Internet, dispatching an email and/or holding simultaneous conversations via instant messaging."

- Brey ((The Ignorance Society and other Essays – 2009)

This is exactly what I'm doing right now. :)